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Rebate Support
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Rebate Inquiry and Service

For any rebate related issues listed as follows, please

contact GIGABYTE for immediate assistance:
Customer Service
(626) 854-9338
1. Unable to track your rebate through third party
rebate center
2. Loss of tracking number
3. Failure of rebate submission
4. Invalid Offer Code
5. Need assistance for online rebate submission
Additional Rebate Serviice Line:
Rebate email address:
Office hour :
M-F 9:00 AM-6:00 PM PST
How to Claim Your Rebate
Follow the instructions below and mail rebate form along with
the items specified to qualify. Eligible products must be purchased during the specified promotional period only from GIGABYTE’s authorized participating channel partners.
1. Register your rebate at GIGABYTE third party online rebate
  center at http://gigabyte.4myrebate.com with Offer Code as
appeared on rebate form. (eg. Offer code: GIG-5000).
2. Print and sign rebate form and enclose all required
  documents as the proof of purchase.
3. Mail in all required documents to the address appeared on
  signed rebate form, including:
- Signed rebate form
- Original model name label cut from retail box
- Original serial number label cut from retail box
- Copy of receipt/invoice as the proof of purchase
4. Receive confirmation email with the tracking number as the
  proof of your submission upon the complete of online register
5. Receive updates via email upon the change of your rebate
6.Only one rebate per qualifying product per household per

promotion will be accepted. Multiple purchases on a single product only qualify for one rebate per promotion.

7. The rebate request must be postmarked within thirty (30) days
  (including weekends) from date of purchase to qualify.
8. Keep a copy of all submission materials for your records.
How to Track Your Rebate
Track your rebate at GIGABYTE third party online rebate center
at http://gigabyte.4myrebate.com with Tracking Number as
appeared on your online rebate form or email confirmation.
(eg. 5266698716949700)
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